Our gracious host in Chicago, Tully Satre, stayed at his neighbor’s so we could stay in his apartment. Tully did a great piece about the Story Tour for the Windy City Times.

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VIDEO: Rainbow Vista Retirement Community

We visited and stayed the night at Rainbow Vista Retirement Community in Portland. We were given a little tour of the community by the manager, Ian Jones. I’ll let him do the talking: The music in this video provided by Sonicbids’ artist: Christopher Dallman

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It was all about the youth in Arkansas. We spoke with some youth at the Center for Artistic Revolution, filmed some Video Stories from college students and even made our way into Parkview High School to speak with an out student and his mom, who’s a teacher at PHS.

VIDEO: Corn. Cops. And Corn Cops.

Who knew Nebraska could be so adventuresome? Apparently they have so much corn there they have to find creative uses of it. Like corn mazes. We also had our first (not the last) run-in with the law. The music in this video provided by Sonicbids’ artist: DaLyrical

The Pink Boots: AK

The Pink Boots couldn’t resist visiting the home town–and house–of Sarah Palin in Wasilla, Alaska.


Whenever people ask me about the Tour, I always tell them the surprise hit for me was our journey to Alaska.

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The Pink Boots: HI

The boots got a little soggy from the salt water but seemed to enjoy the sun and sand at a beach in Honolulu. Continue Reading for another photo.


I can’t think of a better state to visit halfway through the Tour than beautiful, sunny, friendly and fun Hawaii. Desiree, our logistics coordinator back in NYC, made us promise to leave according to schedule.

VIDEO: H.O.P.E. House in Phoenix

I talked a bit about HOPE House in the Arizona post, but here’s a video with co-founder Lillian Brown giving us a tour and a more in depth explanation of how HOPE House helps people who are transgender.

Los Angeles

We wanted to spend some quality time in Los Angeles before flying on to Hawaii and then Alaska and I’m glad we did for several reasons.

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The Pink Boots: NM

The Pink Boots pop at the White Sands outside Alamogordo, New Mexico. Continue Reading for another photo.

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New Mexico

Driving towards Alamogordo, New Mexico, we made our way through the White Sands Missile Range but made it through unscathed.

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The Pink Boots: AZ

The Pink Boots get lost in thought, and the fog, while peering out over the usually majestic Grand Canyon.

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